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Linear Guides Standard (C-HLG15-280)

Linear Guides Standard (C-HLG15-280)
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Product Overview
  Linear guide, also known as slide rail or linear slide, which is used for linear reciprocating motion, has higher rated load and linear motion precision than linear bearings under the same moving component volume. Also, it bears a certain torque load, achieving high-precision linear motion under high load.
  Used to support and guide moving parts, linear guides make reciprocating linear motion in a specified direction. It is mainly used in mechanical structures with high precision requirements. Rolling steel balls are used instead of intermediate medium between the moving element and the fixed element of the linear guide rail.
Product Features
Feature 1: Standard rails are equipped with dust covers to prevent dirt from accumulating in the mounting holes when the equipment is in use.
Feature 2: The slide rail and the slider are in contact with each other through the rolling ball, so the shaking is small, and it is suitable for equipment with precision requirements.
Feature 3: Due to a point-to-surface contact, the frictional resistance is small, and it can perform subtle movements to achieve device positioning.
Feature 4: It has a large allowable load because the force on the rotating surface is dispersed due to the rolling groove of the ball.
Feature 5: It is suitable for high speed motion because it is not easy to produce friction heat when operating and not easily deformed by heat.
Dimensional Drawing
MISUMI Medium Linear Guide Slider dimension drawing
Operating Temperature: -20 to 80°C
Since this product has no surface treatment, please be sure to take anti-rust measures.
The dimensional tolerance of Length L is ±2 mm.
The kit includes 1 block. For additional blocks, please purchase a single block model.
Specifications Overview
Block TypeNominal ModelOptional length L
Optional Height H
Carbon Steel
Standard Block Type15,20,25,30100 to 196028,30,40,45
Optional heights and lengths are the overall range of this series. Refer to the Specification Table for details.
Usage Method
■ About use
① MISUMI's linear guide is installed with a retainer. Although the ball is not easy to fall off when the slide block is removed, the ball may fall off if the slider is removed from the rail at high speed, or tilted into the slide rail. Please disassemble the slider with care.
② Be sure to avoid colliding the ball back groove cover, otherwise it will affect the ball cycling, resulting in poor sliding.
③ If you have anti-rust requirements, please choose the Low Temp. Black Chrome Plating Surface Treatment or Stainless Steel SUS440C products.
MISUMI Economy series Linear Guide Slider Precautions

■ About maintenance (supply of grease)
① Grease forms an oil film on the surface of the linear guide ball and rail surface to effectively reduce friction and prevent sintering.
Decrease and aging of grease will greatly affect the life of the linear guide, so please add grease at the right time according to the service conditions.
MISUMI's linear guides are sealed with the greases at the time of shipment, so they can be used directly.
② Recommend grease filling interval:
Usually, perform the grease filling maintenance once every 3 months.
The specific maintenance time shall be adjusted according to the actual situation. It is recommended to check the grease condition once every 100 km.
* The above is the grease filling interval under the moving distance standard. Depending on the operating environment, the grease injection interval must be shortened appropriately when the grease is aging and dirty.
For normal use, the installation of the linear guide needs to meet the following four points:
① Whether the shape of the mounting surface produces interference
Required shape of linear guide mounting surface

② Keep the flatness of the workpiece mounting surface at about 5μ, otherwise the slider will be slightly deformed
Flatness of MISUMI mounting surface

③ Whether the error values of guide parallelism and fitting height are within the allowable installation values
MISUMI parallelism error tolerance

Allowable height error tolerance of linear-guides

④ Use the standard
Installation method of linear guides
installation method Click here for the detailed installation method
Example of Use
Example of Use linear-guides
Mechanism name: Belt-driven handling device
Feature 1: Suitable for medium precision and medium frequency driving and positioning.
Feature 2: A linear guide is configured in the center to achieve miniaturization.

For details, click here
Application Industries
Medical Smart phone
Application of MISUMI Linear Rail in the Medical Industry Application of linear-guides in the smartphone industry
Robotics Electronic & Electrical Appliances
Application of MISUMI linear guides in the robot industry Application of MISUMI linear guide slide in the electronic home appliance industry
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Miniature linear guide Standard block type Light preloading type MISUMI Miniature linear guide Wide slide rail type MISUMI MISUMI Heavy Load Linear Guide
Typical model: SSEB10-55 Typical model: SSEBW12-200 Typical model: SXR24-280
Related Documents
For the installation and use of linear guides, please refer to here

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàngRail Length L
Assembly Height H
Set / Single Item Nominal Part Number


1 Piece(s) 7 Day(s) 28028Set15


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Dimensional Drawing
MISUMI Medium Linear Guide Slider dimension drawing
Operating Temperature: -20 to 80°C
Since this product has no surface treatment, please be sure to take anti-rust measures.
Dimension tolerance of L Length is ±2 mm
The kit includes 1 block. For additional blocks, please purchase a single block model.
Specification Table
Specification Table
ShapeNominal ModelOptional length L
Optional Height H
Carbon Steel
Standard Block Type (Kit)15,20,25,30100 to 196028,30,40,45
Single Block Type (Single Block)15,20,25,30-28,30,40,45

■ L Dimension Configurable Type
(Specified Length)
Unit Dimensions (mm)Block Dimension (mm)Guide Dimension (mm)Guide Fixing
Bolt Dimension
Standard Block Type15160 to 1960284.39.5342642639.461.4104.855.3M4×567.957.715157.55.34.560Please refer to the calculation table belowM4×16
20160 to 1960304.612443263650.577.512.25612M5×68672017.59.58.5660M5×16
25160 to 1960405.512.548356.535588415.7612M6×8810132322119760M6×20
30200 to 196045616604010407097.420.25612M8×108.59.519.628261412980M8×25
The kit includes 1 block. For additional blocks, please purchase a single block model.
The reference surface is set on the side of the block and slide rail with the linear groove. When used, make sure to align the two reference surfaces with each other.
The running parallelism is the value after the slide rail is fixed. (It is not the value before the screws of the slide rail are tightened.)
Since this product has no surface treatment, please be sure to take anti-rust measures.
Dimension E of length specified type needs to be calculated. Please refer to "detailed dimension of Dimension L specified type" for calculation method

■ Allowable Load
Nominal ModelBasic Rated LoadStatic Allowable MomentMass
C (Dynamic)
Co (Static)
Blocks kgGuide Rails

Linear Rail Static Allowable Moment

■ L Detailed dimension of dimension specified type
Dimension L specified type cuts both ends of the rail equally. Refer to the table below for the number of mounting holes (M) of the slide rail at this time.
In addition, E dimension is calculated with the formula below
E dimension calculation formula
G dimension calculation formula for dimension specified type linear guide
H28304045Number of Mounting Holes
L100 to 139100 to 139100 to 141-2
140 to 199140 to 199142 to 201200 to 2793
200 to 259200 to 259202 to 261280 to 3434
260 to 319260 to 319262 to 321344 to 4235
320 to 379320 to 379322 to 381424 to 5036
380 to 439380 to 439382 to 441504 to 5837
440 to 499440 to 499442 to 501584 to 6638
500 to 559500 to 559502 to 561664 to 7439
560 to 619560 to 619562 to 621744 to 82310
620 to 679620 to 679622 to 681824 to 90311
680 to 739680 to 739682 to 741904 to 98312
740 to 799740 to 799742 to 801984 to 106313
800 to 859800 to 859802 to 8611064 to 114314
860 to 919860 to 919862 to 9211144 to 122315
920 to 979920 to 979922 to 9811224 to 130316
980 to 1039980 to 1039982 to 10411304 to 138317
1040 to 10991040 to 10991042 to 11011384 to 146318
1100 to 11591100 to 11591102 to 11611464 to 154319
1160 to 12191160 to 12191162 to 12211544 to 162320
1220 to 12791220 to 12791222 to 12811624 to 170321
1280 to 13391280 to 13391282 to 13411704 to 178322
1340 to 13991340 to 13991342 to 14011784 to 186323
1400 to 14591400 to 14591402 to 14611864 to 194324
1460 to 15191460 to 15191462 to 15211944 to 195925
1520 to 15791520 to 15791522 to 1581-26
1580 to 16391580 to 16391582 to 1641-27
1640 to 16991640 to 16991642 to 1701-28
1700 to 17591700 to 17591702 to 1761-29
1760 to 18191760 to 18191762 to 1821-30
1820 to 18791820 to 18791822 to 1881-31
1880 to 19391880 to 19391882 to 1941-32
1940 to 19601940 to 19601942 to 1960-33
Precision Benchmark
●Dimensional Precision
Unit: mm
Dimensional Precision TypePrecision Standard15.2025.30
High・Low Linear GuidesHeight H Tolerance±0.1±0.1
Height H Pair Variation±0.1±0.1
Width N Tolerance0.020.02
Width N Pair Variation0.020.03

●Running Parallelism
Rail Length (mm)Accuracy grade (μm)
Selection Calculation
The service life of linear guide is divided into 3 categories as follows:
① Operating distance life
When the linear guide makes the linear reciprocating motion under load, the repeated stress is often applied to the rolling element (steel ball) or rolling surface (slide rail), resulting in scale-like damage, which is called fatigue stripping of material. The total moving distance before the initial stripping is called the service life of linear guide.
② Rated life
The rated life refers to the total travel distance reached by a group of linear guides moving under the same conditions, with 90% not stripping. The rated life can be calculated with the following formula based on the basic dynamic rated load and the load applied on the linear guide.
Rated life
The load shall be calculated before using a linear guide. It is not easy to calculate the load during the linear reciprocating motion, because there may be vibration or impact during the motion, requiring a full consideration to the distribution of vibration or impact relative to the linear guide. Operating temperature and other factors also have great influence on the service life. Taking all these conditions into account, the above calculation formula is changed into the following one.
Rated life
③ Operating time life
The service life can be calculated by obtaining the travel distance per unit time. When the length of the stroke and the number of strokes are determined, it can be calculated according to the following formula.
Operating time life
For the specific service life and load calculation methods, please click here.

Basic InformationThông tin cơ bản

Block Type Standard Block Rail Type Standard Rail No. of Blocks 1
Preload Clearance Accuracy Standards Standard Grade Material Carbon Steel
Lubrication Type Lubrication Applied

Frequently asked question (FAQ)FAQ

Question:Question: Can linear guides or sliders be purchased separately?
Answer:Answer: Taking into account the accuracy of products, single slider models clearly indicated in the catalog can be purchased, and no others can be purchased.
Question:Question: Linear guide indicators include basic dynamic load rating and basic static load rating. Which indicator is the reference when selecting?
Answer:Answer: The basic dynamic load rating is used to calculate the rail life, and the basic static load rating is used to calculate the maximum allowable load.
Question:Question: What problems should be paid attention to when the linear guide is installed vertically?
Answer:Answer: Attention should be paid to prevent the slider from falling off and causing the balls to fall off during installation.
Question:Question: Can the rail or slider be repaired if it is damaged?
Answer:Answer: Repair service is not provided, re-purchase is recommended.
Question:Question: Can the corresponding MISUMI linear guide products be selected according to the third-party guide rail model?
Answer:Answer: MISUMI offers third-party brand replacement services, so as long as the third party product model is given, we can replace it with corresponding MISUMI model. For details, please contact the customer service email or call the customer service phone.
Question:Question: Can linear guide length be arbitrarily specified?
Answer:Answer: It can be specified arbitrarily. However, MISUMI linear guides are divided into length fixed type and length specified type, and in case of length specified type, the length dimensions for length fixed type cannot be specified.

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