Nguyen Thanh Mai
General Affairs Executive
“Our CEO said, “You can make mistakes, but it’s important that you learn from those mistakes to improve yourself.”

Let’s Take on New Challenges Together!
Misumi Group is a leading company group which provides millions of highly precise machinery parts and products used at manufacturing sites from thousands of brands worldwide. We have been expanding our business globally with a focus in Asia. Our sales have grown approximately 6 times from 2002 via the adoption of a unique business model which have gained the trust of hundreds of clients worldwide in our reliable and quick delivery of high quality products.

We are looking for challenge seekers who are interested in joining our company to work together towards the goal of securing exciting business opportunities in this ever-growing Asian market. Join Misumi and let’s grow together!


MISUMI Vietnam

To meet the growing demand for MISUMI products in the region, MISUMI Vietnam Co.,Ltd was established in Vietnam in July 2016. This has enabled us to provide better services to all our valued customers in Vietnam, enabling customers to enjoy shortened lead time in receiving their products for design/machine assembly/maintenance.

At MISUMI, we support manufacturing operations by delivering the value of high quality (Quality), low costs (Cost) and reliably short delivery times (Time). We strive for continuous improvement of our products and services to better cater to your needs.

Head Office Lot 15, Road TS11, Tien Son Industrial Zone,
Hoan Son Commune, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province, Viet Nam

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Ho Chi Minh Branch R.901, 9th Floor, Sacom-Chip Sang Building, Lot T2-4, Road D1, SHTP, Tan Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC.

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Year  founded 2016
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