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Nylon Casters Fixed Type (C-CJTK75-N)

Nylon Casters Fixed Type (C-CJTK75-N)

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Product Description

Nylon Casters Fixed Type
These casters are an economy item, The price is cheaper than the MISUMI standard product.They offer a wide variety of sizes to choose from.
- Caster Type : Fixed
- Mounting Height (mm.) : 105.8, 129.3 and 155.5
- Allowable Load (daN) : 110, 130 and 150
- Wheel Diameter (mm.) : 75, 100 and 125
- Wheel Width (mm.) : 32
- Material:
Wheel - Nylon (white)
Body - SPHC
It is used to enhance mobility for moving objects in a wide range of environments, such as offices, industries and so on

Casters Product Overview

Economy series Nylon caster Fixed type
Casters material: Nylon material (white)
Nylon caster Fixed type
MISUMI economy series caster, a cost-effective choice!

Casters Product Feature

【Casters Features】
MISUMI’s nylon caster with excellent cost performance!! Save cost when used in large quantities.
Body material is SPHC, and surface treatment is zinc plating. The caster has no bearings at the turning part, but has bearings at the wheel part.

Casters Specifications Overview

MaterialMaterialSurface TreatmentSurface TreatmentMaterial (Color)Material (Color)Rotating PartWheel Part
C-CJTKSPHCGalvanizedNylon material (white)Not ProvidedProvided

Example of Use Casters

Example of Using Casters

Economy series Nylon Casters Fixed type Example of use

Casters Precautions

■ Precautions for Casters Use

【Precautions 1】Do not exceed the allowable load when using it.
The allowable load in the product catalog is the load speed when manual transportation is carried on a flat ground.

【Precautions 2】Operating Speed
Use intermittently at a speed below the walking speed on a flat road. Please do not use it continuously through power traction or in a hot state
Wheel diameterOperating Speed
75mm or less2km/h or less
100mm or less4km/h or less

【Precautions 3】Stopper
Wear and damage caused by long-term use may unconsciously reduce the function of the stopper, so please pay attention.
Generally speaking, braking force varies with caster material.
Considering the safety of products, please take other measures (wheel stopper, braking part) when especially necessary.

【Precautions 4】Operating Environment
Casters are usually used in the room temperature range.
Do not use in special environment affected by high temperature, low temperature, humidity, acid, alkali, salt, solvent, oil, sea water, medicine, etc.

【Precautions 5】Installation Method
① Please keep the mounting surface as balanced as possible.
② When mounting rotary (universal) casters, the rotary axis should be in a vertical position.
③ When mounting fixed casters, keep the casters parallel to each other.
④ Please confirm the mounting hole and mount it reliably with appropriate bolts and nuts to avoid looseness.
⑤ When mounting screw-in casters, please tighten the hexagonal part of threads with proper torque. If the tightening torque is too large, it will lead to stress concentration in the shaft and cause fracture.
(Refer to the appropriate tightening torque of 20 to 50N・m with a thread diameter of 12mm)


Dimensional Casters Drawing

Caster Dimensional DrawingCaster Dimensional Drawing
Economy series Nylon Casters Fixed type Dimensional drawing

Casters Specification Table

Part NumberWheel MaterialWheel MaterialHBAllowable Load

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàngMounting Height H
Load Range
Allowable Load
Wheel Dia. D

49,248 VND

1 Piece(s) Available Same day 105.880.01~140.0011075


  1. 1

Basic InformationThông tin cơ bản

Caster Type Fixed Type Stopper (Detail) Not Provided Wheel Material Nylon (General)
Wheel Characteristics Not Provided Fitting Material Steel Mounting Hole Type Long Hole
Plate Length(mm) 97 Plate Width(mm) 70 Wheel Width B(mm) 32

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part C-CJTK75-N in the Nylon Casters Fixed Type series.Vui lòng kiểm tra kiểu/kích thước/thông số kỹ thuật của phần C-CJTK75-N trong chuỗi Nylon Casters Fixed Type.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)FAQ

Question:Question: What kind of material is the economy series nylon caster, fixed type made of?
Answer:Answer: Economy series nylon caster, fixed type is made of nylon and is white in color.
Question:Question: What's the price of economy series nylon caster, fixed type?
Answer:Answer: Economy series nylon caster, fixed type is MISUMI’s economy series caster with excellent cost performance!! Save cost when used in large quantities.

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Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceMinimum order quantityVolume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàngMounting Height H
Load Range
Allowable Load
Wheel Dia. D

62,774 VND

1 Piece(s)Available Same day 129.380.01~140.00130100

76,930 VND

1 Piece(s)Available Same day 155.5140.01~220.00150125