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Small Ball Bearings (C-E688ZZ)

Small Ball Bearings (C-E688ZZ)

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  • Small Ball Bearings (C-E688ZZ)
  • Small Ball Bearings (C-E688ZZ)
  • Small Ball Bearings (C-E688ZZ)
  • Small Ball Bearings (C-E688ZZ)
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thận trọng

  • The requirements of vibration class Z1 of the industry are met at ultra-low price

Product Description

This is an economy item, The price is cheaper than the MISUMI standard product.

Ball Bearings Product Overview

・ Ball Bearings Light load, medium · low speed, special for medium precision rotation, realizing ultra-low price.
・ It is made of industry standard bearing steel with high surface hardness and wear resistance.
・ The vibration class of the product is above Z1

Ball Bearings Product Feature

・ Ball Bearings The interface radius of the channel located on the inner and outer ring is slightly larger than the radius of the sphere, in arc shape. Mainly can bear radial load.
・ In addition to the open type bearings, there are bearings with steel dust cover, bearings with contact rubber seal packing and bearings with non-contact rubber seal packing, or bearings with stop ring on the outer diameter of outer ring.
・ Ball Bearings with dust cover or seal packing are sealed with proper amount of high-quality grease. Deep groove ball bearings generally adopt steel plate stamped cage, which has low friction torque and accuracy grade of 0.

Ball Bearings Dimensional Drawing

Ball Bearings Product Dimensional Drawing
Deep groove ball bearing Dimensional drawing

Ball Bearings Example of Use

1 Motor
Gear unit
2 Gear unit
Machine tool
3 Machine tool

Ball Bearings Precautions

Ball Bearings When the precision of the shaft and bearing housing is poor, the bearing will be affected, and its due performance will not be exerted. For example, the poor precision of the mounting part with the bearing will cause relative inclination of the inner and outer rings. At this time, besides the bearing load, the edge load will be increased additionally, which will shorten the fatigue life of the bearing, and even more seriously, it will lead to damage such as cage breakage and sticking.

Please use the following special mounting tool for installation and removal
Ball Bearings heater
Bearing heater
Proper installation of the bearing heater can guarantee a long life of the bearing.
Rolling bearings are reliable mechanical components with long service life if they are installed and maintained correctly.
After the induction heater is used for heating, the bearing expands outward in the cylindrical direction, which can avoid the damage during installation. Induction heater is one of the most scientific heating methods, which does not need preheating, and can be heated to 110℃ in a few seconds or minutes depending on the weight of bearings, without damaging the prior lubrication
Ball Bearings puller
Bearing puller
When the installation state of the bearing is in the following situations, the special puller can be used for disassembly.
(a) Shaft shape: cylindrical shaft, Inner diameter shape of bearing inner ring: cylindrical hole.
(b) Shaft shape: cylindrical shaft, inner diameter shape of bearing inner ring with tight bushing: tapered hole.
(c) Shaft shape: tapered shaft, Inner diameter shape of bearing inner ring: tapered hole. In either state, the lock nut of the shaft (or the lock nut of the tight bushing) must be released during disassembly, and the lock nut must be placed in a loose state.

Ball Bearings Specification Table

Key points of economy series parts confirmation ①
Inner Diameter d (mm) Clearance of MISUMI quality products (μm) Clearance of economy series products (μm)
or More or Less Minimum Max. Minimum Max.
Less than 10 5 10 7 15
Part Number d D B r
Key points of economy series parts confirmation ②
Basic Rated Load
Allowable Rotational Speed
Mounting Dimensions Weight
Cr (Dynamic) N Cor (Static) N
C-E682ZZ 2 5 2.3 0.08 146 52 8000 2.7 3.9 0.08 0.17
C-E692ZZ 6 3 0.15 270 90 3 4.8 0.15 0.38
C-E673ZZ 3 6 2.5 0.1 146 52 3.6 5.4 0.08 0.2
C-E683ZZ 7 3 0.1 273 91 3.9 5.8 0.1 0.45
C-E693ZZ 8 4 0.15 392 125 4.2 6.8 0.15 0.83
C-E603ZZ 9 5 0.15 400 132 7.8 1.45
C-E623ZZ 10 4 441 153 8.8 1.66
C-E674ZZ 4 7 2.5 0.1 155 62 4.6 6.4 0.08 0.29
C-E684ZZ 9 4 0.1 448 157 5 7.8 0.1 1.01
C-E694ZZ 11 0.15 501 193 5.2 9.8 0.15 1.75
C-E604ZZ 12 0.2 670 245 5.6 10.4 0.2 2.29
C-E624ZZ 13 5 910 340 11.4 3.04
C-E634ZZ 16 0.3 938 366 6 14 0.3 5.21
C-E675ZZ 5 8 2.5 0.1 153 92 5.8 7.4 0.1 0.34
C-E685ZZ 11 5 0.15 501 197 6.2 9.8 0.2 1.96
C-E695ZZ 13 4 0.2 756 301 6.6 11.4 2.5
C-E605ZZ 14 5 931 354 12.4 3.48
C-E625ZZ 16 0.3 1211 469 7 14 0.3 4.86
C-E635ZZ 19 6 1635 627 17 8.34
C-E676ZZ 6 10 3 0.1 347 153 7.04 9.3 0.1 0.68
C-E686ZZ 13 5 0.15 756 308 7 11.8 0.2 2.69
C-E696ZZ 15 0.2 945 371 7.6 13.4 3.72
C-E606ZZ 17 6 0.3 1533 585 8 15 0.3 6.08
C-E626ZZ 19 1638 620 17 7.94
C-E678ZZ 8 12 3.5 0.1 380 192 9.05 11.33 0.1 0.97
C-E688ZZ 16 5 0.2 1127 497 9.6 14.4 0.2 4.02
C-E698ZZ 19 6 0.3 1393 606 10 17 0.3 7.18
C-E608ZZ 22 7 2345 980 20 12
C-E628ZZ 24 8 2800 1113 22 17
C-E638ZZ 28 9 3194 1388 26 30.3

Part Number 

  • Incomplete part number.
    Please use left hand selections to complete a part number.
    Incomplete part number.
    Please use left hand selections to complete a part number.
Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàngInner Dia. d
Outer Dia. D
Width B (or T)
Basic Load Rating Cr (Dynamic)
Basic Load Rating Cor (Static)

13,906 VND

1 Piece(s) Available Same day 816516107104.02


  1. 1

Basic InformationThông tin cơ bản

Raceway Ring Shape Ball Inner/Outer Ring Material SUJ2 Equiv. Bearing Type Double Shielded
Outer Ring Type Flat Precision (JIS) Class 0 Allowable Rotational Speed(rpm) 8000
Specifications, Environment Standard / Dust Resistant Load Direction Radial Number of Raceway Ring Rows Single Row
Size Standards Metric System Rolling Element Material SUJ2

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part C-E688ZZ in the Small Ball Bearings series.Vui lòng kiểm tra kiểu/kích thước/thông số kỹ thuật của phần C-E688ZZ trong chuỗi Small Ball Bearings.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)FAQ

Question:Question: What is the difference between ball bearing and roller bearing?
Answer:Answer: The contact between ball bearing and raceway is point contact, and the contact surface is oval when stressed. Because of the point contact, resisting force value is small, and the ball bearing is suitable for the application conditions of low torque and high rotational speed. They also have the characteristics of low noise. Ball bearings have low loading capacity but can bear radial and axial loads. The contact between roller bearing and raceway is line contact, and the contact surface is square when stressed. Because of the line contact, the torque of roller bearing is higher than that of ball bearing, and its rigidity is higher. Roller bearings have higher loading capacity, and cylindrical roller bearings have retaining edges to bear slight axial loads.
Question:Question: What is the classification of bearings according to the shape of rolling elements?
Answer:Answer: Rolling bearings are mainly divided into: ball bearings and roller bearings. Among them, ball bearings are divided into: deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings and radial thrust ball bearings. Roller bearings are divided into: cylindrical roller bearings, needle bearings, cone roller bearings and self-aligning roller bearings.
Question:Question: What is the classification of bearings according to load direction?
Answer:Answer: Bearing are divided into: radial bearings and thrust bearings according to the load direction. Among them, radial bearings are divided into: radial thrust ball bearings and radial roller bearings. Thrust bearings are divided into: thrust ball bearings and thrust roller bearings.
Question:Question: What standard does the vibration class of this bearing meet?
Answer:Answer: The vibration class of the bearing is above Z1

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Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceMinimum order quantityVolume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàngInner Dia. d
Outer Dia. D
Width B (or T)
Basic Load Rating Cr (Dynamic)
Basic Load Rating Cor (Static)

12,319 VND

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