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Shaft Collars Split Type (C-SCNPAW12-10)

Shaft Collars Split Type (C-SCNPAW12-10)
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Product Description

This is an economy item, The price is cheaper than the MISUMI standard product.

Product Overview
The split shaft collar is fixed on the shaft, and can realize various functions such as stopper, positioning of parts on the shaft, fixing of rotating parts and the like.
MISUMI Original Specifications: the outer ring is additionally grooved, and aluminum material can realize high holding force.
Product Feature
Feature 1: the shaft collar is fixed on one side of the rotating part and used for axial fixing of the rotating part.
Feature 2: the shaft collar is fixed at one end of the guide shaft and used as a stopper of a linear motion mechanism taking the guide shaft as a guide rail.
Feature 3: because the shaft is held by the screw locking on both sides, the damage of the shaft part after use can be avoided.
Feature 4: compared with the slit shaft collar, the split shaft collar can be assembled more freely and maintained more conveniently.
Feature 5: aluminum material is adopted to meet the lightweight requirements.

Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional Drawing

Specifications Overview
Type Material Surface Treatment AccessoriesD (mm)B (mm)
C-SCNPAW6000 series aluminumClear Anodized2 hexagon socket head bolt (equivalent to SCM435)6~308~15
For A2017 models with inserts,
use them in combination according to the assembly direction at the time of delivery.

Usage Method
Intended UseIllustrationDetailed Description
Fixing of pulleysmisumi pscsp MISUMI shaft collar shaft rings D3 to D100 Complete usageThe shaft collar is fixed to one side of the pulley, clamped and fixed to the other side for axial fixing of the pulley.
As a stoppermisumi sscsp MISUMI shaft collar clamps D3 to D100 Schematic diagram of usageThe shaft collar is fixed to one end of the guide shaft and used as a stopper of a linear motion mechanism taking the guide shaft as a guide rail.

Example of Use
misumi scnpa MISUMI shaft collar snap rings Complete examples of use

■Mechanism name
Manipulator capable of horizontally adsorbing and conveying special-shaped workpieces

■Mechanism function
1. Through the suction cup, it is not necessary to disassemble and convey resin shells of different heights.
2. Through the guide rail, the suction cup can slide to absorb the special-shaped workpiece.
3. After the slider is fixed by clamp, the state of the special-shaped workpiece can be maintained.

■Function of shaft collar
1. Fixed to one end of the ball guide shaft, it can be used as a simple stopper to prevent the ball guide shaft from sliding out.
2. According to the shape of the workpiece, the position of the shaft collar on the shaft can be adjusted at any time to control the sliding stroke of the ball guide shaft.
Related Industries
Smart phone Medical Electronic & Electrical Appliances
Smart phone Medical Electronic & Electrical Appliances
Solar cell Semiconductor Lithium battery
Solar cell Semiconductor Lithium battery

① If there are requirements for rust prevention, give priority to products with surface treatment of electroless nickel plating or those made of SUS304.
② Because the shaft collar is not hard, scars easily occur after collision. Keep it properly after removing the external package.
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misumi sc MISUMI shaft collar bushings D3 to D100 Rotary shaft fitting misumi MISUMI shaft collar snap ring optical axis guide shaft fitting misumi Split shaft collars D3 to D100 rotary shaft fitting
Typical model: SCSM16-8 Typical model: PSFHR20-300 Typical model: CPSFJT20-325-M8
Advantages: matching with shafts, complete variety Advantages: various alterations, short delivery time Advantages: economy series products, min. shipped in 1 day at the earliest
Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional Drawing

Specification Table
Please order after selecting part number and parameters according to the selection steps to .
 Part Number (Type·D)B
Part NumberB
(Coarse Thread)

Part Number 

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    Please use left hand selections to complete a part number.
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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàngI.D. O.D. Width

54,479 VND

1 Piece(s) Available 6 Day(s) 123010


  1. 1

Basic InformationThông tin cơ bản

Fastening Method Split Specifications Standard Material 6000 Series Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Clear Anodize Thickness Standard Type Side Hole Machining Not Provided

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part C-SCNPAW12-10 in the Shaft Collars Split Type series.Vui lòng kiểm tra kiểu/kích thước/thông số kỹ thuật của phần C-SCNPAW12-10 trong chuỗi Shaft Collars Split Type.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)FAQ

Question:Question: What is the purpose of the shaft collar?
Answer:Answer: The shaft collar can be used for common applications such as stopper, positioning, pulley fixing, etc., and can also be used for fixing the inner ring of a bearing; various parts such as fixing plates can also be installed by opening various mounting holes, and the types of the holes include through holes, screw holes and counterbored holes; meanwhile, it can also be used for installing a sensor or serving as a buffer, so that metal sounds caused by contact between metal parts are avoided; and finally, it can also be used for fixing the shaft end of a screw shaft.
Question:Question: Types of shaft collars?
Answer:Answer: According to the connection method, the types can be divided into set screw, slit, split and handle.
Question:Question: Are the set screws of shaft collars supplied or do they need to be purchased separately?
Answer:Answer: At present, the standard products sold by MISUMI are all supplied with set screws and do not need to be purchased separately.
Question:Question: Which type of shaft collars is easy to install and can be removed frequently?
Answer:Answer: Handle type shaft collars.
Question:Question: Which type of shaft collars can be installed later, easy to maintain, easy to remove?
Answer:Answer: Split shaft collars.
Question:Question: In order to avoid shaft damage when fixing the shaft, which types of shaft collars are recommended?
Answer:Answer: Slit, split, handle.
Question:Question: Which parts sold by MISUMI do the shaft collars generally work with?
Answer:Answer: We recommend that you use them with guide shafts, rotating shafts, round type posts, mounting bases, timing pulleys, etc.
Question:Question: What are the outer diameter tolerances of the shaft collar, guide shaft and rotating shaft, respectively, when they are used in combination?
Answer:Answer: Guide shaft: O.D. tolerance g6, h5, f8; rotating shaft: O.D. tolerance g6, h7.
Question:Question: Do you have recommended models of shaft collars that sell well?
Answer:Answer: Split: SCS SSCCN
Set screw: SCCN PSCCN
Question:Question: Advantages of the MISUMI shaft collars?
Answer:Answer: Short delivery time: almost all of them are available in stock, and can be shipped in 1 day
Drawings: both CAD and 3D drawings can be downloaded.
Dimension: I.D. can be selected from 3 to 100mm

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