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Toggle Clamps Vertical, Hold Down Pressure 441N, Long Arm (Part Number)

Toggle Clamps Vertical, Hold Down Pressure 441N, Long Arm

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Product Description

This is an economy item, The price is cheaper than the MISUMI standard product.

Product Overview of Toggle Clamp

♢ The Toggle Clamp is a clamp product for fixing workpieces through a connecting rod mechanism, and can be used in various operation processes such as inspection, assembly, mechanical processing and welding.
♢ The Toggle Clamp has such advantages as simple, convenient and quick operation, flexible installation and safety, and is suitable for fixing working positions with high changing frequency.
♢ Toggle Clamps are manual simple clamps with varying tightness, and hand feeling of economy series Toggle Clamps is tighter.

Specification Table of Toggle Clamp

Toggle Clamp
Part Number of Toggle ClampC-LD-101AL
Body MaterialSteel
Material of HandlePVC
Surface TreatmentBlue Zinc Electroplating
Closing Pressure (N)MAX 441
Weight (g)60
Arm Opening and Closing Angle104°
Handle Opening and Closing Angle62°
AccessoriesBolt with Rubber

Product Feature of Toggle Clamp

♢ Vertical Toggle Clamp, flange base, U shape clamping bar extension type
> C-LD-101AL has extended clamping bar on the basis of C-LD-101A, suitable for operation with far working position.

Product Application of Toggle Clamp

> Electronics, automotive, medical, catering equipment manufacturing.
> Mold, machining, aircraft manufacturing.
> Suitable for inspection fixture, welding fixture, repair fixture, processing fixture, and other combination fixture, etc.
> Toggle Clamp Can also be used flexibly in carpentry and other DIY.

Precautions of Toggle Clamp

<About Installation of Toggle Clamp> Fixed by bolt or welding
<About Modification> Note that the modification of standard handles or clamping bars will seriously affect the durability of the product body!
<Locking Position> The Toggle Clamp needs to pass through the mechanical dead center to play the role of locking and fixing.
<Operating Environment> When used in the environment with chips, dust, etc., use an air gun to clean the riveting and rotating parts before use.
<About Oil Injection> Regularly inject oil for the friction parts such as rivets and guide shaft to keep the Toggle Clamp moving smoothly.
<About Inspection> Regularly inspect the fixing bolts, locking bolts, fixing arms, fixing shafts, etc. to prevent loosening.
Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipSố ngày giao hàng

55,819 VND

1 Piece(s) Available Same day


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Basic InformationThông tin cơ bản

Attaching Method Flange Base Tightening Force(N) 441 Body Material Steel
Clamp Screw Size M5 Clamp Screw Material Steel + Rubber Pad Product Category Body
Tightening Force (Range Selectable)(N) ~499 Tip Screw Type Bolt with Rubber Tip Screw Position Adjustment Slide Adjustment
Material A3

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part C-LD-101AL in the Toggle Clamps Vertical, Hold Down Pressure 441N, Long Arm series.Vui lòng kiểm tra kiểu/kích thước/thông số kỹ thuật của phần C-LD-101AL trong chuỗi Toggle Clamps Vertical, Hold Down Pressure 441N, Long Arm.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)FAQ

Question:Question: What is the meaning and function of toggle clamp?
Answer:Answer: The toggle clamp is a clamp product for fixing workpieces through a connecting rod mechanism, a quick clamping and quick opening mechanism that adopts the dead point principle of the mechanical four-bar linkage mechanism, and has the functions of "accurate positioning, quick loading and unloading, locking and clamping".
Question:Question: What are the different types of toggle clamps?
Answer:Answer: Horizontal, vertical, push-pull, door buckle, pneumatic toggle clamp, etc.
Question:Question: Can the front-end metal fittings for clamping the toggle clamp be replaced? Can they be sold separately?
Answer:Answer: The front-end metal fittings for clamping can be purchased separately for replacement.
Question:Question: What is the purpose of the clamping assembly?
Answer:Answer: Widely used in mechanical parts machining fixture, metal profile welding fixture, electronic parts machining fixture, various mechanical equipment manufacturing, mold fixture, inspection fixture, etc., it employs a novel tightening method to replace the traditional tightening method, so that the workpiece can be quickly assembled and disassembled, reducing the machining man-hour cost, and improving the work efficiency.

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